After nearly a year in console purgatory, we’re finally going to see the most recent Final Fantasy on PC. Square Enix, the developer of the game, announced the upcoming PC release at Gamescom, with Hajime Tabata, game director, boasting that this will be the ‘most beautiful and highest quality version of Final Fantasy 15 thanks to it being developed on our new version of the Luminous Engine.’

‘We still see Nvidia as people who look to the future of gaming. What I really love about them is that they have this vision of what they want to do with the tech five and ten years into the future. The CEO is looking 100 years into the future, and I think in 100 years’ time he’ll still be alive and kicking. The Nvidia team is basically a modern-day group of magicians. For a game like Final Fantasy 15 which relies on showing off a world, it’s such a useful piece of technology they can give us.’

This is pretty good news, considering the FF15 was very well-received, with its revamped combat and squad of playable emo boys on a road trip.


The fact they are working closely with Nvidia should ensure optimisation down to the last blade of grass. Nvidia has some pretty neat features when you look at them, from fancy hair works to ambient occlusion, to realistic water flow. In other words, it’s going to look sick as heck.