Finger Lickin’ Epiphany

Last month, someone on the internet made a startling discovery.

The KFC Twitter only follows 11 people. 11, like the number of herbs and spices that goes into their chicken. User Edgette22 shared this with the world to widespread shock and awe.

Look at all those shares and likes or smileys or whatever Twitter uses.

Well, to commemorate the discovery, the guy has been given, possibly the best thing you could ever get from a situation like this. The gave him a commissioned painting, of Colonel Sanders giving the user a piggyback ride, chicken in hand.

The world is a beautiful, wonderful place sometimes. Just like KFC’s new Double Down burger, two delicious chicken strips serving as a bun, with crispy bacon and melted cheese in the middle.

We are not sponsored by KFC.

That just sounds amazing. Much like Taco Bell’s chicken shell.

Okay, we’re done here.