Fire and Fury Heads to TV

The bestselling novel Fire and Fury, centred around America’s worst president to date, will reportedly become a TV show soon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the author Michael Wolff has sold television rights for a seven-figure sum. Trump has condemned the book, which depicts chaos in the White House and a president unfit for duty. He dismissed the book as made-up stories.

Michael Wolff spent a year documenting Trump’s first leg as president. The result was completely and utterly predictable.

It is unknown which network will pick the series up.

After leaked excerpts of the book made it to the public, Trump tried to stamp them out, calling the book, on Twitter, ‘boring and untruthful’ and written by a ‘total loser’. Ah yes. The only way to give people confidence that you aren’t a large man-child. Is by acting like a large man-child.

Fire and Fury went into Trump’s shortcomings, claiming he would repeat the same stories multiple times and acted like a child when told to work.

Literally looks like a walking corpse.

Among the controversial stories within the book, one centred around Trump and Steve Bannon, his recently axed chief strategist. Bannon is quoted in the book as making derogatory comments about Trump’s family. He also suggested treacherous behaviour by Trump Jr when he met a group of Russians during the campaign.

Might be worth a read, actually.