First Year Problems #10

Going on nights out

Hello and welcome back to First Year Problems. This week, we’re talking about going on nights out. As in, going out and getting drunk, which is typically something a lot of university students do; very often indeed.

Last term, going out was a huge thing for most of us. Every week, you and your uni group are out at least twice, sometimes even three times. And that’s fine, but sometimes you just really can’t be bothered, yet you still go. Or, you get to the club, the queue at the bar for drinks is massive, and you just want to leave. These things happen to a lot of people at uni, even though barely anyone speaks about it. And they hardly ever act on it.

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However, this term, if you’re not feeling going on nights out, give yourself a break. You are not chained to your university friends and you do not have to do every single thing they do. They are your friends at the end of the day, so they will understand completely if, for a few times (or however many times you choose to), you just want to avoid going out and getting drunk.

There is more to life than alcohol and clubbing. Life is full of many other things – and so is university. So, it’s okay if you want to remind yourself of that from time to time. Take some time out if you’re not feeling it.

See you next time!