First Year Problems #7

Housing arrangements

When it comes to housing arrangements for second year, things aren’t ever straightforward. It’s very obvious when you’re thinking about moving in with a bunch of new friends that the world isn’t actually fair and that there are some limits on what you can and cannot achieve with your housing arrangements.

There are so many problems that can arise with housing arrangements. For starters, you might not have made any close friends yet – or even any friendships of substance – so you might feel a bit apprehensive about moving in with people you haven’t really had the chance to get to know yet. For some people, you may not actually like a couple of the people you’re moving in with, so that’s a bit of a problem when it comes to having what you want. You can’t alienate yourself from your group, but some people within the group may be very difficult to live with.

Problems with housing arrangements don’t stop there. You also have the problem of finding the right sized house. Some numbers are too large and may cause divisions easily, such as an eight-person. Some houses are too far out of the city but fit the rest of your criteria. Some houses require you to be pretty selfish and, in the end, leave some people out.

Housing arrangements have caused a lot of drama this year. It’s not the first time they have, and it won’t be the last. But just know that the drama will pass and all will – in the end – be well. It’s never easy, and sometimes you have to upset a couple of people and feel terribly guilty about it, but it’s necessary.

Good luck with sorting out your housing arrangements if you haven’t done so already – and well done if you have.

See you next week.

Song of the week

This week’s song is an oldie but goldie. Katy Perry’s It Takes Two is one of the most inspirational and self-reflective out there. It’s brilliant, and musically excellent too, so this week I thought I’d share it’s light with you. There are two sides to every story, and admitting your own part in a story (good or bad) is important.