Five tips to fight your hay fever

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25 July 2019

By James L

It is estimated that hay fever affects 10 million people in England. As a hay fever sufferer, I know that there is nothing worse than seeing everyone else enjoy the glorious sunshine while your nose runs and your eyes itch.

To help the 10 million that spend their summer sniffing and rubbing their eyes to enjoy the welcome heatwave that has hit the UK, here’s five tips to keep your hay fever symptoms at bay:

Use medication

Over the counter medication such as antihistamines and corticosteroids can help relieve your hay fever. Antihistamines help to prevent the allergic reaction to pollen from occurring and corticosteroids reduce inflammation. If your symptoms are still causing you too much trouble, try talking to your GP and getting a prescription.

Avoid exposure to pollen

It is recommended that you should stay indoors when the pollen count is high (above 50 grains per cubic metre of air). Most weather forecast providers give information on the pollen count for the next few days.

Plan when you go outside

The pollen count is normally at its highest in the early morning and late evening, so you should avoid being outside at these times

Keep clean

Wash yourself and your clothes after being outside as it’ll remove the pollen from your body and your clothes.


Rubbing a little bit of Vaseline under your nostrils can be a big help. It catches the pollen before it can enter the nasal canal and cause a reaction.

Hopefully now you can breathe a little easier and enjoy the heat while it lasts!

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