Food Review: Tomahawk Steakhouse Newcastle

25 June 2021

By Lauren E. White

Good food and good drinks is all anyone really wants, isn’t it? Well, I should think so anyway. Newcastle’s Tomahawk Steakhouse, I am pleased to confirm, makes both of those wishes come true.

Set by the glorious Quayside, a window seat offers you a lovely view of Gateshead’s Sage. If you’re not seated at the window, you’ll be just inside next to the bar in a rustic-themed area. Lots of wood, dim-ish lighting and a full bar as the centrepiece. Tomahawk Steakhouse has a really nice atmosphere and interior compared to other steakhouses in Newcastle such as Miller and Carter. It’s more relaxed and less stuffy.


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Now, we all know when you’re paying big money for food, it matters how it tastes. Again, worry not – this place does not disappoint. We ordered a range of starters, including nachos, duck pancakes, lamb samosas and crispy squid and all of them were delicious. The squid could have been a little crispier, but, other than that, there was nothing to fault about the Tomahawk Steakhouse.

Starters were smaller than Miller and Carter but, to be honest, you don’t need a massive starter before a massive steak or main meal. It means you can actually eat what’s on your plate and make the most of it.


As for mains, the Tomahawk Steakhouse has a clue in the name. It’s all about the beef and you can choose from virtually any cutting, cooked to any degree you’d like, and also pick either a sharing board or Wagyu steak. We ordered Wagyu steak and it was perfectly done – succulent and it cut like butter. You could tell the beef was high quality with no chewiness whatsoever, again unlike at Miller and Carter where no matter what cut you get, there always seems to be unwanted fat.

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There are also a few other options for mains on the menu, including lobster. It’s a lobster board, coming with crispy squid, salad, and prawns. I enjoyed the sides more than the lobster, though, it has to be said. The garlic sauce on the lobster wasn’t particularly strong or flavoursome and I sort of wished I’d ordered a steak instead. Still, if lobster’s your thing, there was plenty of meat on there and much to enjoy.

Overall, the Tomahawk Steakhouse is actually a jewel in Newcastle’s Quayside. Fresh, lovely staff, and great food – what’s not to love? Oh, and I did mention drinks earlier, didn’t I? Well, order a salted caramel martini and you can’t go far wrong.

Overall: 4/5

Service: 5/5, Food: 4/5, Presentation: 5/5, Value for money: 3.5/5


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