Fun Facts: Jessica Ennis

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6 January 2015

By NEBeep

Jessica Ennis – Hill is a British track and field athlete, specialising in the heptathlon and the 100 metre hurdles.

The 28 year old is a former British record holder in the 100 metre hurdles and high jump. Below you will find some more ‘fun facts’ about the British gold medalist.

Born: 28th January 1986
Lives: Sheffield
Star Sign: Aquarias
Gold Medals: 2009, 2012 women’s heptathlon
Featured in a special edition of The Beano Comic.

Favourite things:
Colour: Pink
Number: 19
TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy.
Football team: Sheffield United.
Pet: Dog, Chocolate Labrador
Television show: Big Brother, Sex and the City, Smallville, Heroes and 24.

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