Gambling on Gambit

Oh Gambit. Your character was ruined in X-Men Origins and since then we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of you.

Things did look hopeful for a little bit. Original director Doug Liman said to IGN, “It’s a crowded field of superhero films so the challenge for Gambit or any of those other movies is finding its unique space and its unique take. But, yeah, I think Simon Kinberg, who is producing it, is a great producer and he’ll create something great out of it.”

Simon Kinberg is still on board as acting producer with Lauren Shuler Donner, who have confirmed they still want to move forward with the movie. The film has already lost two directors, Doug Liman, as previously stated, and Rupert Wyatt, who left due to some disputes over the budget and the script, reported Deadline.

When Liman joined the movie, production was supposed to start up again in spring of 2016, however, once again, it was a false start. The start date was then moved to October, to allow time for rewrites, but was then pushed to spring 2017. Neither of these actually happened however.

Liman quit in August last year, and the film is still without a director.

Channing Tatum was in the running to play the purple card-throwing Frenchman.

Recently, it was revealed that David Harbour, who played Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, was deemed too fat to play the Blob in the critically panned X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Which is a bit rich when you think that the Blob looks like this:


Do with that what you will.

Oh well, maybe at some point Gambit will come to the big screen. But until that time, we have Deadpool 2 to look forward to.