Game: Batman Arkham Origins

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14 November 2013

By Alex Khalil

The next installment of the Batman Arkham series came out last month, and after much anticipation, it did not disappoint. After the roaring success of the other games, it’s definitely a winner from a gamer’s perspective.
The story is well developed, wrapped up with plot twists, riddled with puzzles, and bursting with bad guys to be taken down. The player takes control of a younger Batman, with more anger, and a butt-load of new abilities, this Batman is definitely the most in depth and fun to play of the others.
The voice acting has taken a massive stride from the first game, with Batman’s new voice, he sounds more hardened and overall more terrifying when interrogating criminals. The Jokers voice actor, after Mark Hamill left, has filled Marks shoes, and more, as we are presented with a much more psychotic class of criminal which will have gamers everywhere trembling in their game chairs, and craving more.
Overall a very in-depth, and new playing experience, but with still familiar setting, and a new twist on the characters. Definitely in my top 5 for this year.



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