Game Review: Arkham Knight


Hang on, Alex, you’re reviewing the infamous PC version of Arkham Knight? Does that mean the PC port is fixed!?

Well, yes and no.

We’ll start this with a look at the port in its current state, a year and a bit after its initial release.

I am currently using an NVidia GeForce 960 4GB graphics card, with an i7 Intel Core processor, and 16GB of on-board RAM for reference.

Graphically (even on low) it looks very impressive (and still looks better than it does on console). Gotham is amazing; it looks incredible, and it feels alive. Rain spatters down your cape as you glide. Soaks the pavements. Mud spatters show on your Batmobile as you drive through murky streets. The game runs anywhere between 50 to 60 frames with the options menu looking like this:


It is recommended you update your drivers regularly for the best performance, or there could be some frame drops and be sure to turn on V-Sync.

Now for the actual game.

The Arkham games have to be some of the greatest games this faithful reviewer has ever played. From humble beginnings in Arkham Asylum, to your roots in Arkham Origins, and the death of your arch-nemesis in Arkham City. Arkham Knight delves deep into some Batman lore, as well as some really neat references from the most iconic comics, like The Killing Joke, and A Death in the Family.

The Bat and the Tank

The Bat and the Tank

We begin with the city being evacuated, after Scarecrow threatens to unleash his toxin unto the entire city, and eventually, turn the Bat into nothing less than a mere memory, by humiliating him and unmasking him.


This city will always be his. And while it is, there will always be hope.

But, in our first meeting with Scarecrow, we are exposed to a highly concentrated dose, and begin to see things. Mainly, the Joker. The Bat never got over his most hated enemy’s death, and we spend the game learning further about the Bat’s bond with the Clown Prince, and if he can overcome his guilt.

The game features characters Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, and even Azrael.

Side missions make a comeback, with things like Militia checkpoints to be taken out, races to be completed, and criminals to capture.


No one can hide from justice.

The Batmobile is a welcome addition to the game, adding another layer of gameplay. Initially when the game came out, no one seemed to like the Batmobile stuff. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The controls were tight, using an Xbox One controller, and everything felt smooth, and responsive. Plus, driving around Gotham will never not be fun.

The game is fantastic, and is now actually playable on PC.


Be vengeance.

Be the night.


Be the Batman.