Think BF4 but with more sniper spam and infuriating map modes.

So, EA had a 50% off sale this weekend, and there were a selection of shooters and Sims expansions going for cheap. My attention turned to a bundle deal, with Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 for the price of just one game.

Let’s start positive.

It looks gorgeous. I manage to get above 60fps, most of the time, running at 60Hz, with relatively high ping. The game runs buttery smooth, but it’s a Dice game so I would expect nothing less. Textures are great, lighting is great, however, my only gripe when it comes to the aesthetic is how washed-out some scenes can look. Certain colours blend with the players, so before you can react you’re dead.

Another positive would be the actual gameplay. It’s incredibly fun when your team is working as a unit. Shooting feels good, and all the guns use different animations, and the sound design (as always) is superb. Sniper bullets whizz past you with a crack and planes woosh overhead. Machine gun fire and screams can be heard half the map away.

But this is where the game, for me at least, falls off a bit.

The game punishes you for not working as a team. So if you’re in a multiplayer fight, and you have 1/3 of your team as snipers, you aren’t going to win. The main game modes (Conquest, Domination, Rush, Operations), all revolve around teamwork. Which is difficult to do when half your team is camping and refusing to move.

Which is a crying shame, because the game is really good. But it’s infuriating to get to where the action is, shot by a sniper, then spend one minute waiting to spawn back in. Then having to haul your butt back to the objective from a completely bonked spawn point.

Oh yeah, you want to spawn on A? You spawn closer to another objective. In BF4, you spawned basically on the objective, meaning you get right back into the fight. In this, you spend a lot of time wandering around looking for the fight, which in WW1 doesn’t seem very accurate.

Then again, everyone and their mum has a submachine gun, which were nowhere near as accurate or powerful, or reliable as depicted in the game.

It’s good.

I just wish playing as a team wasn’t so darn frustrating.

A solid 3.5/5.