Game: The Walking Dead

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15 November 2013

By NEBeep

First created after the great success of both the TV show and the original Comics, Telltale Games set out to create a comic book styled point and click game. With the help of professional cartoonists, illustrators, programmers and designers they were able to release the first season of the Walking Dead Game in 2012.

The story consists of you, the player, playing as Lee Everett. When the zombies start strolling in front of cars you are forced to make quick decisions. These decisions are based on a series of four answers to choose from, and usually you have a time bar to force you hand. Telltale Games specifically designed this heart pounding, tear jerking, adventure game to mould to your choices; you must choose wisely as it will affect your game and its outcome.

Characters are the best part of this game, aside from the flesh-eating zombies and great rustic comic book adventure. Every character interacts in a different way, but my personal favourite is Clementine, the young girl forced to change in a mad world. She is lovable, unique and features in the much awaited Season 2, which has been a hype in the gaming universe ever since the finale to Season 1 and the wonderful ‘400 Days’ DLC.

Characters, storyline, artwork or just because of its amazing reviews; I would definitely recommend playing this amazing game series. You won’t forget it, and judging by its award as ‘Game of the Year 2012’ neither will anyone else!



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