Having just recently completed The Witcher 3, and getting the worst possible ending, we’re going to take a look at some of the saddest and most heart-wrenching stuff games have presented us with in the last few years.

The Witcher 3 – Might as well start with what’s fresh in my head. This ending had me in tears. Basically, your one job in this sequel-capper was to protect your daughter, Ciri. In this ending, you fail. Horribly. Ciri sacrifices herself to save entire worlds. Geralt loses a daughter, his friends move away. In the epilogue, you hunt one last time. The last Crone; she knows this will be your last hunt. You find Ciri’s amulet, and simply sit, as swarms of monsters enclose the cabin you’re sat in. Want to feel even worse? Check here for some theories.

Oxenfree – A wonderful little title that explores loss, memories and wanting to forget. One of the endings sees the main character, Alex, reunite with her dead brother one last time, as he talks to her about leaving for college. Alex then realises that she has to let him go. For her friends, she has to let him go. The choice of dialogue and the voice acting is perfect. Oxenfree was definitely one of the saddest endings to come from 2016, with some quality voice acting to boot too.

Halo Reach – An FPS on this list? What? Well, believe it or not, this game was actually kind of sad. You’re destined to lose the fight, as the Covenant overwhelms the planet Reach, and the Spartan soldiers defending it. The end level pits you against waves and waves of aliens until you fall. Very powerful, and incredibly well done. But if it hit you too hard just spawn some fusion cores in Forge and have a giggle when you blow up.

Arkham Knight – Barbara Gordon’s ‘death’. Due to exposure to Scarecrow’s toxin, we are treated to a harrowing cut scene, where we see Barbara Gordon, in her wheelchair, with a gun on her lap. She then breathes in the toxin, and believes Batman is this monster, coming to kill her. She puts the gun to her head. It’s so haunting, and when I didn’t know this was just Scarecrow b**ping with us, I was genuinely shocked. A definite fist clenching, grumbly moment, where you mash the buttons harder and mutter things like ‘Why do I do this to myself?’

Gears of War 3 – Yup, it’s on here. While the game might be a testosterone-on-steroids-style shooter, there are moments of genuine emotion. From Dom losing his wife in the second game, to Marcus losing Dom in this one, it’s heart breaking. Dom sacrifices himself for the good of his team. Marcus, the main character, scrabbles to try and find him, but his squad restrain him. The aftermath is even worse.

So yeah, there we have it. Some incredibly sad moments from games that made me sob. Now excuse me. I have to get the good ending for The Witcher 3 now.