Gateshead FC Fans Get Set to Head to Wembley

7 May 2014

By Yasmine

Gateshead’s loyal followers will make their way to Wembley on May 18th to play against Cambridge United for the Conference Premier Play-off final. After a 3-1 win against Grimsby on Sunday, Gateshead are now 90 minutes away from a return to the football league.

True devotees of the club have been calling new-found fans ‘glory seekers’ after Gateshead FC suddenly gained hundreds of more fans after the victory over Grimsby at Gateshead Stadium. In the months running up to the semi-final Gateshead FC’s fan base went from around 600 supporters to 8,000.

Grimsby followers were sore losers when the match came to a close; with chairs being broken, fans being thrown onto the pitch, flares being set off and a pitch invasion. Grimsby fans went crawling home without their dignity intact and their tails between their legs.

Can Gateshead win the final?



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