Geordie Shore vs Beauty School Cop Outs

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25 November 2013

By Lauren H

Geordie Shore is England’s take on the well-known American TV Show, Jersey Shore. It was first televised on 24th May 2011 and since then many people from all over the country have tuned in, choosing to watch the antics of the party-goers every Tuesday night. So far there have been seven series of this popular TV show, even one set in Australia. People just can’t get enough.

Each episode mainly consists of a group of young people getting ‘mortal,’ otherwise known as drunk, every night. During their time on the TV show, they are made to work to be able to stay there; although, it’s never an ordinary job role, of course. For the most part, they join with hen parties or stag dos and ‘hit the town’. Surprisingly, this can actually be quite enjoyable to watch.

One of the most loved cast members has to be Charlotte Letitia Crosby from Sunderland. She has been involved with Geordie Shore from the offset and has never failed to make the audience laugh. This show has even seen an usual romance blossom between Charlotte and Gary Beadle over the years, eventually leading to heartbreak on Charlotte’s behalf. This programme really does have everything, from laughter to sadness and even a little bit of disgust, all in the space of an episode.

However, there is a lot of controversy linked with Geordie Shore. A lot of people dislike the show because they believe it has a bad reflection of Newcastle. In addition to this, many people, particularly adults, think that some of the things filmed are inappropriate or even disgusting, and they don’t like it being aired on TV.

Despite this, the TV show has racked up an impressive amount of views, averaging about 900,000 or more in recent series.

Beauty School Cop Outs is a brand new MTV show which generally follows the same concept as Geordie Shore. Four boys and four girls are taken to a beauty school in Manchester to learn the skills they need to pursue beauty as a career. There have only been 4 episodes of this programme so far, first being premiered on 29th October 2013.

During the hour that this TV programme is televised for, the cast members are made to work in various areas of beauty, in order to learn new things and decide what is best for them. So far, they have experienced tattooing, massaging, hair styling and more. It is only fair to say that some of them don’t necessarily have the best skills in these areas.

Although, the show isn’t all based around learning beauty skills. The cast spends a lot of their free time going to nightclubs and enjoying the nightlife in Manchester. There is a range of emotions felt within this house too, particularly down to too much alcohol. One of the biggest eruptions between cast members has been down to the flirtatious Jeremy trying to get involved with multiple girls in the house, causing arguments between everyone.

Personally, I much prefer Geordie Shore to Beauty School Cop Outs because I think that the cast members are generally more amusing and entertaining. I do understand that the new addition to the MTV reality platform has only been on for a short amount of time, so I can’t really verify this until there have been multiple series to compare. Yet, it is obvious that Beauty School Cop Outs is pretty much just a copy of Geordie Shore, and therefore I believe that it will get boring pretty quickly.

If you enjoy reality TV I would suggest watching both programmes as they both have positives and negatives, and coming to a conclusion of which you prefer yourself.



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