Gibson Talks Marvel

In case you didn’t know, Mel Gibson has talked about violence in films in relation to his new film, Hacksaw Ridge. His newest film has reached the number three spot in the box office this weekend, just behind Trolls and Doctor Strange. 

Speaking to the Washington Post, he talked about Marvel films in particular, and the fact that there is “violence without conscience”.

Whatever the heck that means.

“To talk about the violence question, look at any Marvel movie,” he said. “They’re more violent than anything that I’ve done, but [in my movies,] you give a b**p about the characters, which makes it matter more. That’s all I’ll say.”

I’d make a joke that stated no one cared about his movies but evidently… they did.

For the guy who created The Passion of the Christ, which showed rather graphic footage of Jesus being tortured and mutilated for about half an hour in a film, to say “violence without conscience” is a bit… rich. Gibson, in his prime, starred in Braveheart, Apocalypto, and five Lethal Weapon films, as well as three Mad Max movies. All of which had a lot of violence.

Plus, the addition of Civil War made the point that the heroes of the Marvel Universe do have consequences. The violence they perpetuate catches up to the characters in the film. We reviewed it. You can read all about it here, and here.

Gibson has slammed titles in the past year, calling Batman v Superman a “piece of b**p”, which isn’t exactly wrong, and claiming he “wasn’t interested in the stuff.”

The actor (rather recently) apologised publicly for his anti-Semitic rant at a police officer in 2006, saying the event had “followed him for eight years” in 2014.

Rather ironically, he turned down the role for Odin, Thor’s father, in the 2011 film Thor. Imagine that?

This guy playing Thor’s dad?


My God.