Girl Talk: Slinging Weights

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9 November 2013

By Bronwen

There is no harm in it. A lot of girls have this idea that if you even look at a dumbbell you’ll get big manly muscles. This isn’t at all the case. Boys grow those big muscles when they lift weights much easier than girls because of their levels of testosterone. Since a girl’s primary hormones are progesterone and estrogen, it is impossible (without the help of added supplements and nutrients) to gain big manly arms and thighs or whatever.

Weight lifting has also been scientifically proven to help straighten out how well and quickly you digest food. It is fab for your metabolism and reduces your risk of obesity.

Of course you produce stronger muscles, but all this means is that the fibres are stronger and you can last for much longer than non weight lifters in most endurance sports like running and general athletics. This is because weight lifting is a great way to quicken your rate of muscle respiration, as you train your body to get more oxygen to your muscles more quickly, therefore making you able to last much longer.

And lastly, how good will it feel to stand next to some guy at the gym who is doing a few squats with 40kg, and be able to pick up a 60kg and do even more squats than him?



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