Here are some of the highlights from Glastonbury 2017!

We had Katy Perry owning the Pyramid stage for a bit:

What with her ensemble of what we can only assume are body shaven Animal cosplayers from The Muppets? 

But people really liked her.

It was all going great… until she accidentally offended the entirety of Scotland.

She said:

“I can see all of you. Even that security guard in the neon. Way in the back by that blue flag with the X”

Oh dear.

It’s fine, she’ll release a song about it in a few weeks and it’ll make millions, so no worries.

But, speaking of Glastonbury, here are some of the highlights:

Dave Grohl, frontman of the Foo Fighters, dedicated a song to a naked dude in the crowd:



Jeremy Corbyn turned up:

Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn acknowledges the crowd at Worthy Farm in Somerset during the Glastonbury Festival

Stormzy threw some major shade at the government over the Grenfell fire and the “f***ery” that was made of the disaster. And met Katy Perry:

All in all, seemed like a pretty good weekend.