Great North Runner

Great North Runners starting the 13.1 mile half marathon over the Tyne Bridge crossing as Red Arrows take flight.

It’s almost time for our region to host yet another significant global event, not long after we hosted the Sunderland International Airshow. In case you didn’t already know The Great North Run (GNR) is this weekend. For someone who’s had it on their bucket list for as long as they can remember, I’m definitely feeling the GNR vibes more than ever, having signed up three months ago.

Watching people as they run past, I often wonder if they are taking part too. I have even engaged in conversations with complete strangers in Sports Direct,  as we both surveyed their depleted selection of running accessories, comparing phones to see if they would fit in the cheapest arm band available. Everyone has been incredibly encouraging; even strangers with relatives taking part have wished me good luck. Having friends running this year has been good motivation too, as well as countless people saying it’s one of, if not the, best thing[s] they have ever done. From experiences like this, to my rigorous – running in the woods 3-4 times a week – training regime, the entire experience has been amazing so far. I’d definitely recommend it, even though it hasn’t actually happened yet.

Enough about me, though. I’m one of thousands racing on September 10th, and not exactly the biggest name either. The GNR is the biggest half marathon in the world, having had over a million runners run its 13.1 miles since 1981. 57,000 people are expected to be lining up to participate this year, with champion athlete Mo Farah hoping to further his already record-breaking three year victory. Here is a video of him sharing his love for Newcastle:



While I have the utmost respect towards the guy, I promise to do everything in my power to prevent him scooping a fourth year.

The run starts at 10.40am in Newcastle, going over the Tyne Bridge towards Gateshead and finishing at South Shields seafront. Expect the usual festivities and entertainment along the way and at the finish line. The Red Arrows will be making an appearance too!

Wish me luck!