Grenfell Survivors Given Permanent Residence

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11 October 2017

By Alex Khalil

Those whose immigration status was uncertain after the events of Grenfell Tower have been granted permanent residence in the UK. This is a change to the one-year amnesty that was given to those whose future was uncertain because they were immigrants. Brandon Lewis, the immigration minister, said that the government ‘believed it is right’ to give survivors that certainty.

In a statement, Mr Lewis said:

‘Our initial response to this terrible tragedy was rightly focused on survivors’ immediate needs in the aftermath of the fire and ensuring they could access the services they need to start to rebuild their lives. However, since the Grenfell Tower immigration policy was announced, we have been planning for the future of those residents affected by these unprecedented events’

He added that granting permanent residency would depend on the completion of security and financial checks.

Chancellor Hammond has insisted that ‘safety-critical’ changes would be made.

The fire claimed at least 60 lives.


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