Greta Thunberg: The Face of Our Generation

20 September 2019

By Robert

If you don’t know the name Greta Thunberg, you must be living under a rock.

Recently she graced the headlines after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to New York for a UN Climate summit meeting. At 16, she is enthralling the minds of millions across the globe, inspiring the School Strike for Climate Change movement which is growing at an exceptional rate across the globe.

Alongside the UN Climate Summit, Thunberg has addressed the US Congress on the pressing matter of climate change, as well as appearing on the Daily Show hosted by Trevor Noah. After her appearance, she was praised by many across social media.

You can watch her speech for yourself below:


She also met leaders such as Barack Obama.

As she addressed the US Congress, Greta enlightened US decision-makers on their stance on climate change. 

Thunberg responded to Congress Representative Grave who appeared to attempt to reduce the impact of her ideology through the analogy of picking up trash out of the ocean, even though five times the amount is being thrown in elsewhere.

He was perhaps alluding to the fact that he believes any US actions on climate change are negligible. Greta responded by suggesting that we are all contributing to the ‘rubbish’ – and indeed she would stop dumping rubbish herself and talk with others in an effort to educate and reduce their impact, not ignore it a Representative Grave suggested.

Greta Thunberg is taking the world by storm and is actively making a real difference. Her bravery to stand up to real issues on a global scale is something beyond admirable and a perfect example of how standing up for what you believe in can make a huge difference.

In just over a year since her first strike for climate change Greta Thunberg, once a solitary visionary, has paved the way in the global movement on combating climate change. If one person can make this much impact in one year, it is inspiring to think how much more of an impact she will bring in the near future – especially with her ‘Fridays for Future’ strikes.

Arguably the most important strike will happen on September 20th, rallying not just students, in an act to show the world how seriously we take the issue of climate change.

Greta Thunberg is truly the epitome of right action – and what many people should aspire to become.

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