The English Football League has launched a full investigation after the search (and borderline harassment) of female fans at Stevenage FC’s stadium. The searches were defined as “grossly invasive”.

It is reported that at least 10 Grimsby Town supporters were searched in this manner. They were made to expose their bras and be patted down. A 70-year-old woman was ‘searched’ if you can call it that, and was left mortified. Hertfordshire police claimed that none of these searches had been carried out by officers, shifting the blame entirely on security staff at the grounds.

The club also claimed that the stewarding and checks were “not typical” due to “high-risk groups” that were believed to be attending. Obviously, the people of Grimsby saw this as “fully [refuting] having any finger of blame” pointed at them.

Hopefully, the EFL will get to the bottom of why female fans were essentially harassed when trying to enjoy a game. The GTFC does not condone questioning women about the contents of their underwear when performing checks, nor does it condone questioning minors.

Long story short, someone is going to get fired.