Grub on a Budget

If you’re anything like me, you spend an exuberant amount of money on food every week. I’m here to tell you that you’ve been spending that money wrong and there are plenty of places you can grab some grub on the cheap.

Nando’s – Hear me out. Say you’re in a group of three or four. Nando’s presents a few options for group outings. Offering sharing platters from as little as £20, that’s only a fiver each. Also, get a large fries and garlic bread. It fills you up like no one’s business.

Zapatista Burrito Bar – Burrito places have been popping up all around the country and boy does it do my heart good. Zapatista’s is a decent place to get some tasty food for little over five quid. The array of choice is pretty satisfying, with things like nachos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas and even straight up rice and chilli. You’re spoiled for choice.

Wetherspoons – Lovingly named ‘Spoons by literally everyone, this chain of pubs is somewhere you can count on for half decent food that won’t break your wallet. From meals as cheap as £5 and breakfasts that’ll fill you for the day, it’s hard to fault. There are dozens of these pubs dotted around the North East, with one even residing in the Metrocentre. Decent food, cheap drinks. Can’t go wrong really.

Domino’s – Here’s a trick. Domino’s pizza has a deal on their website. 33% off for pizza legends. It basically lets you create your own pizza for as little as £13. It’s flipping awesome. You can your friends, provided you aren’t complete savages, can split the bill down the middle and enjoy some decent pizza. I’d recommend pepperoni with extra cheese and jalapenos.

TGI Friday’s – Provided you go on a Monday to a Thursday, they run the Liberty Menu, which offers two courses for £15.99. It’s a pretty decent deal, considering I went not long ago and ate so much I nearly vommed. They offer a few decent starters and some really good mains. Ribs are my favourite. Little known fact too, they box it up if you don’t finish it. So, it’s an investment if anything.

Well, there you go, if you’re stuck for places to get some food, maybe check those out. But we can all agree, to never give Five Guys your money. Robbing me of £5 for a burger and some chips. Wasn’t even a very nice burger.