GTA: Heists

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26 March 2015

By Alex Khalil

So, GTA Heists have finally hit consoles everywhere, and we’re all wondering if they were worth the wait. Well…spoiler, they kind of weren’t.

The lead up to each heist is awesome, for starters, that cannot be denied. From planes, to army grade helicopters, and even in one case a prison bus. The lead up missions set up for something amazing and explosive at the end of each heist.

However, only one such heist did this. Humanitarian heist, you essentially have a choice between sneaking in, or sitting in a helicopter, blowing up cars that try to hinder the other team reaching the objective. It was amazing, and fun, but short lived.

As someone who has invested a lot of time into the GTA franchise, it was somewhat disappointing to get to the end of the last heist, and essentially say to every other member of the Xbox Live party “So, what now?”.

Overall, a 7 out of 10 in terms of enjoyment; good for a laugh, but with many a sprinkle of disappointment.

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