14 February 2014

By James

The online marketplace Silk Road 2 has become the latest victim in a spate of hacking attacks that has brought the trade of the online currency Bitcoins to its knees. Anonymous hackers tricked the servers into believing that currency had to be paid out, and extracted all £1.6 million of the website’s customers’ funds.

This is the third attack of its like in a short time, and doubts are beginning to be had about the safety of online currency. The fact that a group of people can hack into an online marketplace in a matter of minutes and extract vast amounts of purely hypothetical currency is worrying, but Silk Road have claimed that no data or details were obtained in the hacking. The website have also admitted that they should have ceased transactions after the previous hackings, but let their guard down.

It doesn’t do to feel too sorry to them, though: Silk Road 1 was shut down by FBI agents for selling drugs.



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