Hang On a Minute

Warner Bros., the dunderheads behind Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, have shown interest in hiring Mel Gibson to direct the next Suicide Squad film.

This is according to The Hollywood Reporter, and they also state that there has been no official offer made yet. Gibson is said to be currently “familiarising himself with the material”, however WB is also looking at other directors to fill the role.

Gibson recently criticised BvS, which supposed to be DC’s big movie to push it into the limelight. He called the movie, and I quote, “a piece of b**p”.

He was also critical of the violence in Marvel movies currently. Which is a bit rich considering he directed (and starred in) things like Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, and Hacksaw Ridge. It’s a bit of an odd pairing; however, people were critical of the decision to make David Ayer director of Suicide Squad.

Critics largely disliked the movie, due to the loose plot, and Jared Leto’s decidedly annoying portrayal of the Joker.

Again, it’s not official yet, but we will see.

The next attempt at a DC blockbuster will be Wonder Woman in June. It looks a hell of a lot more optimistic than the previous movies, and we have Gal Gadot as the main lead, so hopefully, we’ll get something worth watching.