Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!

4 February 2014

By Yasmine

Today the social media celebrates a phenomenal decade. Ten years ago Facebook didn’t exist, now it’s the global social media site with 1.23 billion users worldwide.

Mark Zuckerberg must have been laughing all the way to the bank last year with soaring profits of $1.5 billion. The estimated net worth of the 29 year old is around $30 billion.

Facebook claims there are more than six billion likes per day on the site but where’s the dislike button? Well, Facebook has stated that they are all for being positive and if you disagree with a post, then you can always comment your concerns.

Let’s hope the next 10 years are filled with vines, entertaining arguments and game requests as opposed to updates on what people are having for their tea and what the weather is like- Happy Facebooking



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