Hasbro Pay Out for Nerf Gun

26 March 2015

By James

The company behind the original Nerf gun and Super-Soaker toys has won nearly $73 million in a case against toy-maker Hasbro after an Atlanta court decided that it had been underpaid royalties for the product over a six-year-period.

Lonnie Johnson PhD, a former NASA scientist who holds over 80 patents, and his company Johnson Research and Development Co brought the case against the giant conglomerate for violation of various corporate agreements made in 1996 and 2001. The court found that contracts made to pay Johnson two percent of all three-dimensional product sales based on the Nerf and Super-Soaker models had been broken over a long period of time, and after last week’s landmark court decision regarding the Robin Thicke and Pharrell song ‘Blurred Lines’ it seems that a crack-down on intellectual property laws is currently under-way.


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