Hated Habits!

26 November 2014

By Yasmine

Charities Aid Foundation decided to ask people what their most hated habits actually are and they are the absolute worst. Everyone please take note and avoiding these will prevent people hating you.

1. Stealing a disabled parking space.

2. Not giving up a seat for the elderly.

3. Queue-jumping

4. Ignoring someone struggling on the stairs with a pushchair.

5. Playing headphone music too loud.

6. Using a family parking bay when you don’t have children.

7. Pressing the lift door buttons so people can’t enter.

8. Eating someone’s food from the fridge.

9. Putting bags on the bus/ train seat next to you.

10. Talking on a mobile at the checkout.


We have decided to come up with a few of our own annoying hated habits:

  • Walking as if it’s a Sunday but it’s a Monday morning.
  • Talking over people.
  • While in mid-conversation you stop to answer your phone.
  • After failing to meet up with friends three times in a row…you try to change  your get together YET again
  • Smokers smoking in the bus shelter.


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