You may have missed the lava eruption in Hawaii over the past few days. It has led to the evacuation of 2,000 people and the promise to those who refuse to leave that they will not be helped when the lava poses an immediate danger to their lives. And the Hawaii lava gets even scarier with its latest development – swallowing a car.

Here are some of the impacts of the eruption so far.

Here’s an image of the fissures that have opened up on local roads where lava has been spitting out of for a few days.

Image result for hawaii fissures


And here you can see the spread of the eruption.

Image result for hawaii earthquake


The eruption of the Kilauea volcano has wreaked havoc, destroying at least 35 buildings – most of which are homes. Following the violent eruption, which saw lava stream down hills and roads, a state of emergency was declared due to extreme levels of sulphur dioxide in the area. Local residents described sounds of a “jet engine” following the incident and the 6.9 magnitude earthquake felt on Friday.

Since then, a whole number of scary sights have been seen near the Kilauea volcano – and they have gotten even scarier.

And, finally, here is the footage of the volcano swallowing a whole car.