He Did Say He’d Be Back

You’d think, if you put something out to the public and it bombs, both critically and commercially, you would just move on. Well, apparently James Cameron can’t get that through his head. Terminator Genisys, not only had the worst title of any movie ever but was possibly one of the most convoluted, awful wastes of Emilia Clarke we’ve ever seen.

She was wasted in this movie. Stick to your dragons. I don’t think machines suit you.

Schwarzenegger has been talking about the next movie, due out in 2019 and suggested it would be more akin to the classic movies and will ignore basically everything after Terminator 2. He revealed to Business Insider that he and the original Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, would be the only two returning for the movie.

Tim Miller, who directed 2016’s runaway hit Deadpool, will be helming the project but suggested they move away from the grander set-ups that Genisys and 2009’s Salvation delved into.

I thought Salvation was okay. It was during the spat of casting Sam Worthington in everything.

Genisys was intended to be the first part of a three-part film series, but the box office reception and critical panning led to that plan’s termination.

I am incredibly proud of that wordplay.