He Might Have a Point

In case you hadn’t heard, the 2Pac movie came out, a supposed look at the unique way he shaped his talent, and turned himself into one of the most recognisable and influential figures in hip-hop. Unsurprisingly, however, it was panned by critics and even 50 Cent.

There seems to be a trend with these kinds of film. Some are fantastic: things like The King’s Speech and Lincoln were great because they told the story of these figures in history in a light we could all share. They were flawed, which made them human. So why can some of them be so bad? Why are some just, doomed to be in film limbo?

Well, there could be a few reasons for that.

You can cast as well as you like, but if the writing is awful, then you’ll likely lose your audience fast, and trying to spice it up with things from a person’s past that maybe weren’t relevant can be frustrating. Or even if you embellish some of the truths, like Wolf of Wall Street.

By the end of that movie, you’re bored. No matter if you enjoyed the film or not, you become sick of watching this guy destroy himself. Who cares by that point? You know he’s lost, so why drag the film out. This is another issue with biopic movies. Let the film come to an end. The last half an hour of that film could have been cut, easily. Or maybe some of the more graphic scenes.

Like, we all love Margot Robbie, but come on.

So, there’s a line then. You either become self-indulgent when explaining someone’s life, or you leave too much out and it feels bare bones.

Oh well.

We could always do Theresa May next?

When the Hellmouth opens and swallows her whole once more so she can regain power.