“Hey, let’s teach young girls to starve themselves!” –said an idiot one day

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17 January 2014

By Bronwen

Thousands of morally sensible people have been lashing at their keyboards after a game was brought into the public eye. Aimed at 9 year olds, Plastic Surgery & Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie requires the user to perform liposuction to make Barbie “slim and beautiful”. This Barbie Plastic Surgery app is (in our opinion) the WORST app for children to be sold. Go back to Angry Birds guys, this app is no good for anyone.

To play, you need to make incisions on the “unfortunate girl’s” skin, and suck out all of her “excess fat”. Not only does this sound frightfully boring, it gives you the impression that this girl, who has more STORED ENERGY (basically what “fat” is) is the “unfortunate” one.


No, the unfortunate one is the one who thinks that you must be skinny to be accepted.

It’s just revolting. Telling young girls that you have to be thin in order to be beautiful is dangerous and immoral. Messages like this spark eating disorders, whether it is anorexia or comfort eating.

Body image is a big root on the tree of self esteem- and statistically, young to teenage girls are more likely to see themselves differently to how everyone else sees them. That’s why every single person alive has a responsibility to make sure that they don’t make anybody feel like they’re not good enough for society.

Obviously, you don’t have to go around and sprinkle compliments over everyone you meet (although it would be a good soul-cleansing activity), but it is just courtesy to not make people feel negative about themselves.

What’s worse about the game is that it teaches impressionable children that a bit of surgery is the answer, and stands in front of the FACT that a healthy lifestyle is the solution- not liposuction.

A line in the description actually says “no diet can help her”.


While we don’t believe in diets (as they imply something temporary, rather than a permanent healthy and active lifestyle), it is DISGUSTING to imply that surgery is better than a diet.

Here are some things that are important to know about “fat”:

  • Fat is essential. A woman’s body fat should be over around 12% of her total body mass in order for her to be classed as healthy. A man’s ideal fat percentage is about 6%.
  • Fat is just stored energy. We wish they just called it stored energy, like how lame does this sound: “Hahahaha, you have more stored energy than me!”
  • Fat is unhealthy when you have too much of it, it can lead to heart problems that can be fatal
  • People who have more fat are not worth less than people with less fat and vice versa.
  • When you’re talking to someone in a successful conversation, it is usually their confidence that shines through more than anything- not their lack of stored energy

Moral of the story: “Fat” is NOT beautiful. “Skinny” is NOT beautiful. Happy and healthy is VERY beautiful; the most beautiful you can ever be.



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