Hooligans on the Horizon

An information centre in London has opened with the hopes of easing England fans’ fears over hooliganism in the 2018 World Cup that will be held in Russia.

Russians were blamed for the injuries of more than 100 English supporters during Euro 2016 in Marseille. This will be the first time Russia has hosted the World Cup, and the goal here is to keep some peace between fans, after last year’s mess. Fans on both sides were to blame for violence last year, but hopefully, this should ease some fears a bit.

A BBC Panorama documentary revealed just how Russian fans were planning to cause trouble at the World Cup. To stop this, Russia will be issuing special identity cards which will be needed to enter stadiums and can be used as an alternative to a visa to get into the country.

The office, called Visit Russia, will open officially on 1st September, but for now is still in testing.

Whether it will work is to be looked into next year, during the World Cup. It will be hosted throughout 11 cities from 14th June to 15th July.

Howay the lads.