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12 December 2014

By NEBeep

Here’s a look at what were the most discussed topics on our most loved social networking sites this year. From politics to football to

The Scottish independence referendum dominates the top 10 most talked about on Facebook in 2014.

england and scotland flag


On polling day in September there was 3.3 million comments, posts and likes about Scottish independence and an astonishing 10 million in the five weeks running up to it.

Following in second was the amazing gesture, which most of you would have taken part in, The Ice Bucket challenge. This was masterminded  to raise awareness and money to fight motor neurone disease in the US and rapidly spread around the world.


Ice Bucket Challenge


In the UK the most tweeted single event was Germany’s 7-1 victory over world cup hosts Brazil.

germany vs brazil


Below you will find the top 10 most talked about topics on Facebook and the celebrities with the most followers on Instagram and Twitter.



Facebook Top 10 Topics:
1) The Scottish independence referendum.
2) The ice bucket challenge to raise money to fight motor neurone disease.
3) The Brazil world cup.
4) The race for the Premier League title.
5) Conflict in Gaza.
6) The death of Robin Williams.
7) Louis Van Gaal take over as manager at Manchester United.
8) Ebola Virus Outbreak.
9) Champions League final.
10) First world war centenary.



Twitters UK Most Followed:
1) Harry Styles (22.8 million)
2) One Direction (21.5 million)
3) Adele (21.3 million)
4) Liam Payne (18.6 million)
5) Louis Tomlinson (18 million)
6) Em Watson (15.4 million)
7) Zayne Malik (13.5 million)
8) Coldplay (13.15 million)
9) BBC Breaking (12.4 million)
10) Ed Sheeran (11.2 million)



Instagram Most Followed:
1) Justin Bieber (23 million)
2) Kim Kardashian (23 million)
3) Beyonce (21 million)
4) Ariana Grande (21 million)
5) Kendal Jenner (16 million)
6) Kylie Jenner (15 million)
7) Taylor Swift (15 million)
8) Kloe Kardashian (15 million)
9) Rihanna (14 million)
10) Miley Cyrus (14 million)

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