Bonfire Night can be a stressful time for pet owners, but if you follow a few easy tips you’ll soon have nothing to worry about.

  • If you have a dog, walk it during the day so that you don’t have to go out in the evening, when most fireworks will be set off.
  • Put on some music or TV to mask the sound of fireworks (but not too loudly).
  • Provide a hiding place in your home, where your pet can go to feel safe. This could be under the bed, or somewhere comfortable with lots of old clothes.
  • Avoid leaving your pet alone. Most animals dislike the sound of fireworks, so they’ll probably be feeling quite stressed. Make sure you’re there to comfort and reassure them.
  • Try to soundproof your house, by closing windows and drawing blinds. It won’t drown out all the noise, but it’ll certainly help.
  • If you have a small animal, partly cover outside cages with a blanket to keep it soundproof, but leave an area uncovered so your pet can still see out.

Hopefully, by following these tips, your pets will be happy on Bonfire Night. Just give them as much love and attention as you can; they’ll need it!