How to Pass Your Driving Test – First Time

Don’t let other people make you nervous;

Leading up to my driving test I heard all manner of complaints from friends who had recently failed their practical test. ‘It was the sat-navs fault’, ‘my examiner had failed me even before we set off’. Contrary to popular belief, examiners don’t actually get their thrills from upsetting young hopefuls. The difficulty of a driving test is massively over-hyped. The test is designed to allow you to make mistakes – all they want is safe drivers and everyone’s human, after all.

2) Get practice in your own car; try and take your test in it too;

Even though a test isn’t as difficult as it is made out to be, it can still be an intimidating experience. Practising in your own car (or a relative’s car you have regular access to) and then taking your test in that same car will make you feel a lot more comfortable on the day of your test.

3) Err on the side of caution;

Whilst being overly hesitant may garnish a minor fault, examiners are generally more tolerant of drivers who are excessively cautious than those who are combative on the road. Passing up a couple of opportunities at a roundabout and getting a minor for it is far less of a threat to your chances of passing than cutting up other drivers and speeding through red lights.

4) Don’t fret about your manoeuvres;

During your test you will be asked to either; reverse park; forward park; parallel park or pull out onto the other side of the road. Some of those, bar the last one, can be tricky to master and are often the cause of unnecessary concern. Get it wrong and that’s a minor – you’re allowed fifteen of those. What is there to worry about?

5) Put yourself under a little bit a pressure;

The consequences of failing are two-fold; the first being financial and the second being temporal. At the very least, you’ll have to pay another £62 for a second test and probably more than that for further lessons. Don’t make yourself too worried, just remind yourself of how much you want this and the sense of liberation you’ll feel afterwards.

6) Hope for a little bit of luck…

It always helps!