Showing others affection is one of the most human things you can do. But sometimes a birthday card and a present isn’t really enough, so we thought we’d put together a few ideas on how to show appreciation for others in little, but important, ways.

Cook them a meal

People love feeling appreciated, and nothing says appreciated like cooking someone a meal. Plan ahead for it, obviously, and make sure you have all of the ingredients you need beforehand. Do it on an evening, and make it a surprise, especially if they’ve had a rough time of it lately.

Buy them a little, inexpensive gift

The things I treasure most are a mix of expensive things, but also little, inexpensive gifts. They’re a sign that someone is thinking of you and that you mean something to them.

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Leave them a handwritten note

There is probably nothing sweeter than leaving someone a handwritten note. Even if it’s just to tell them to enjoy their day, or that you love them, there’s something beautiful about it. Handwritten notes are extremely underrated, so start appreciating them.

Good luck!