How to Start Afresh


Sometimes in life things don’t go to plan and you can get really bogged down in wondering why. The ‘what ifs’ of life are attractive to get lost in, but they are also irrelevant. It is possible to start afresh, and with the steps in this article, you will be able to get there.

Change your surroundings


One of the simplest ways to start afresh is by changing your surroundings. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to up sticks and move house, country or school/university, though those options would work too.

Changing your surroundings can mean changing the way your room is decorated and changing the places you often frequent. For example, certain photos pinned up on your wall might trigger unwanted memories, so you should take them down.

And large centrepieces of a room (i.e. a tapestry) might just take you back to a time you don’t want to remember. Change it.

Give yourself time and space


Not allowing yourself time to process whatever it is you want to start afresh from, or the space to do it in, will never allow you to make process. If you’re serious about starting afresh, you need to give yourself the best chance, which means time and a good environment to do it in.

This could include taking a break from work, school or uni, or going home for a weekend to think. Even if it’s a trip out alone to a coffee shop, or a walk, you need to let yourself be for a while.

Let yourself feel whatever you’re feeling


So many people refuse to let themselves acknowledge and feel what they’re feeling. The slightest hint of sadness, anger or resentment is often pushed deep down in order to avoid having to deal with things.

In order to truly start afresh, you need to feel all the natural emotions that come to mind when you try to move on. Let yourself be angry – rage. Let yourself be sad – cry. Feel it all, because once you’ve felt it, the feeling will pass. Then, you’ll be ready to start afresh.

Moving on from any kind of traumatic event is difficult, especially if you don’t have the means to remove yourself from the situation immediately. But there’s always a way to start afresh.