How to Start Journaling

3 July 2023

By Ellen W

Journaling often looks really simple when you watch someone else doing it on social media online. However, as soon as you prepare to begin, you’re left with no ideas. Often, frustration and boredom can make keeping a record of your day seem tedious but there are lots of ways to make it more fun and enjoyable! This is how to start journaling:

  1. Be consistent – Instead of overcommitting yourself and planning to journal for a long time every day, set it up in a way that means you can come to it at different points and for as little time as 5 minutes a day. For example, if you set up a chart on a day when you feel more motivated, all you have to do is enter the information each day.
  2. No pressure – don’t put pressure on yourself to complete your journal every day. If you don’t feel like it, come back to it another time. Often, it’s best not to leave it to the very end of the day but at a time when you feel more productive.
  3. Be honest – there isn’t any point in journaling if you aren’t honest with yourself. For example, if you don’t feel as happy as usual, then don’t pretend in order to keep your journal ‘good’. Being realistic is what makes it useful and enjoyable to use; the fact that you can look back on it and truly see how you were feeling.
  4. Keep it interesting – be creative when writing things down. You could include your mood, to-do list, the weather, what you eat, where you go or anything else interesting.

The main thing about journaling is to enjoy the process of writing in it every day. Not just the result and looking forward to the end. Hopefully, this has helped you to understand how to start journaling. Good luck!

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