Local schools are to lose huge amounts of funding if the Conservatives are re-elected on 8th June.

A funding calculator, which can be accessed here, allows you to find your school and see the difference in funding depending on which political party wins the election.

It shows that schools like Thorp Academy in Ryton, St Thomas More in Blaydon and Whickham School would be set to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds by 2022, the time the next parliament will be over.


Under a Theresa May government, Thorp Academy would lose £190,180 by 2022 and £211 per pupil. This huge cut to funding means that five teachers would have to be made redundant, adding to the number of redundancies the school is already making this academic year.

However, under the Labour Party, Thorp would be set to gain £142,971 and could employ an extra four teachers as a result.


St Thomas More Catholic School would lose £810,985 by 2022 under the Conservatives, meaning a £1,018 drop in the funding per pupil at the school.

All schools, including primary schools, can be found on the budget calculator, referenced above.