A mother-of-three from Hull was left outraged after her misunderstanding of the McDonald’s Monopoly T&Cs meant her children couldn’t claim their prizes.

She claims she will “never return” to the restaurant after her children aged 5, 11 and 13 were denied free meals they had won by collecting Monopoly stickers.

In order to redeem Monopoly tickets, you must be aged 16 years or over according to government laws on gambling.

Speaking to Hull Live, she said, “They were quite upset because [the staff] spoke to them abruptly. I was disgusted. You don’t expect a member of McDonald’s staff to speak to your children the way they did because they were trying to redeem the free food.”

She claims that children are “enticed” to buy “extra large meals” in order to win prizes.

Once her children returned home, she then went to McDonald’s to confront the staff as to why they refused service to her children and ended up walking out “in disgust”.

Does McDonald’s make its over-16s policy clear?

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s said, “To avoid causing unnecessary disappointment as a result of this age-restriction for the promotion, it is clearly stated on all McDonald’s Monopoly promotional advertising, packaging and on our website.”

Not only are the T&Cs listed on the Monopoly posters, the age restriction is made explicitly clear on the website.

Before you can even access the terms and conditions or redeem bigger prizes, you are required to enter your age.

This isn’t the first time that mothers have waged war with McDonald’s over their kids being refused service. A quick Google search of “McDonald’s Monopoly Outrages Mother” brings up pages and pages of articles about angry mams whose children have been caught out by the rule.