Today is a historical day in British history. Today is also a tragic day for Britain and almost half of its electorate. Today, the majority of British people have let division and scaremongering triumph over hope and unity.

From 10pm last night, I have been closely following the results of the EU referendum and have live-tweeted the twists and turns on b**p‘s Twitter as well as covering the final result and the PM’s resignation. But in this article, I’m talking about what I think and how I, like many other frustrated 16-year-olds, am disillusioned with politics.

Vote Leave called the Remain campaign ‘project fear’ when, actually, it was Leave who frightened the people and lied to them, too. They told you that leaving the EU would not trigger a recession and that it would not be difficult to secure new trade deals. They also told you that Remain campaigners were frightening you with economic warnings all while whispering in your ear about how immigration is taking your job and your children’s future. It is simply not true and disheartening to know that the great people of Britain were fooled into voting Leave because of lies and misinformation.

I have only one more thing left to say. Those who told you to leave the European Union do not rely on the industry you do for their livelihood. They have money stored in offshore funds so that they can avoid tax. The impacts of us leaving the European Union will not hit them – it will hit you. It will hit the working people hardest. Nigel Farage claims to be a figurehead and passionate ally of the ‘ordinary people’ of Britain, but he will not endure the strife that you will. Voting to Leave the EU was voting to keep the rich safe and your public services in danger.

So, thank you to those who voted to Remain; for you I have nothing but gratitude. To those who voted Leave: I’m glad the future is not on my conscience. Whatever happens next, we must all pull together and somehow become united again.

This article was also published on ‘The Generation Post’ blog.