17 February 2014

By Yasmine

A British company called Cairn Energy has been given permission to look for oil 15 miles off the coast of Ibiza. As Ibiza is one of the favourite holiday destinations in Europe, especially for clubbers, celebrities including Sienna Miller, Pete Tong and Kate Moss are backing a campaign to stop the oil exploration by taking selfies with a banner reading #Ibizasaysno.

More than 30,000 signatures have been submitted to Spain’s government as the main concern from this drilling if it was to go ahead is the effect it will have on tourism. Locals are concerned about oil spills and the damage it will do to  sea life.

The coordinator of the Ibiza Preservation Fund, Sandra Benbeniste, said ‘The drilling they want to do is 1,200 metres deep’ and as the huge oil spill which took place in the Gulf of Mexico was also 1,200 metres deep this is making the locals and tourists worried about the future when the development goes ahead.

Carin Energy is keen to consult with the local communities to help them understand any concern which they may have. Cairn is wanting to reassure the communities that the concerns arose will, where possible, be avoided.


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