Imbecile steals from a woman having a seizure

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12 August 2014

By Bronwen

For every act of hatred there is an act of love, as proven by Neil Barrington, the owner of Barrington’s Wedding Cars.

Charlotte Hardy-Pickering, 23, had her engagement ring stolen from her by a heartless thief as she was enduring a seizure in Merseyside, UK. It’s bad enough to steal from a person who can fight back but anyone stealing from someone having a medical emergency is a definite waste of resources. The thief’s name has not been released.

However, locals did not want the couple believing that their town is all bad, so they’ve been helping them out with getting a replacement ring and other wedding essentials. Local wedding car dealer, Neil Barrington, topped it off by allowing them to rent a wedding car for free after being so disgusted at the thief’s actions.



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