Inspirational: Davina McCall

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6 January 2015

By Bronwen

Born on the 16th of October 1967, Davina McCall is best known for being a TV presenter. She has presented programs such as The Biggest Loser and Long Lost Families. She has three children: Holly, Tilly and Chester, and is married to Matthew Robertson. Why is she inspiring?

1- Davina is a fit and active woman and promotes health and fitness to people with her workout DVDs and equipment range. She practises what she preaches and stays healthy and takes part in sporting events, which is quite an achievement, seeing as many fitness experts constantly nag about well-being, but are not very fit themselves. As a presenter for The Biggest Loser, she has helped many UK citizens lose weight and lead happier lives.

2- She raises a lot of money for charity. She took part in the show Stand Up To Cancer, which raised £7 million! She hosts Comic relief and Sport Relief on their fund-raising nights, raising awareness and money for all sorts of causes.

3- Davina was adopted as a child and is an example to adopted children everywhere that you can make something of yourself. Many adopted children battle with the feeling of rejection throughout their whole lives, which can make them feel inferior or as if they are not wanted. Davina shows these people that you don’t need biological parents in order to become great.

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