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27 November 2014

By Lauren H

Simon Cowell is known for being the harsh, controversial presenter on The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, who never holds back his opinion for anyone, but he is so much more than that. As well as owning the music publishing company Syco, he is also a television producer and entrepreneur. So, why is he so inspirational?


  1. You may be surprised to know that Cowell is very involved with charity work, supporting children from The Association of Children’s Hospices and even vising the hospices from time to time to see the children there. He supports animal rights and has been linked to PETA, reminding the public that cruelty to animals does take place and needs to be stopped. So, he may be rich, but at least he uses some of his money to benefit the lives of others!


  1. When he was younger, he was a badly behaved student who dropped out of a London boarding school at 16 years old. He began to realise that he wanted to accomplish things in life for himself and applied for a job in a mail-room before making his way up to record producer. Now, he is famous all over the world for his achievements and has certainly done well for himself, proving to others that it can be done.


  1. Despite working hard to become successful, and achieving this, with his own record label, fancy cars and a large house, Simon Cowell over-indulged and his fortunes plummeted. He owed the bank half a million pounds, and to pay them back his only choice was to sell all of his property and move back in with his parents. As time went on, he learned from his mistakes and became the man we know him to be now.


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