Yes, another March rolls around and lo and behold a mere two days after appreciating the most valuable woman in your life, it’s time to appreciate all women. Everywhere. Even you reading this. If you’re a male, look at all of the things the people of the opposite gender do for you. And if you’re a girl… well done for being awesome.

The earliest form of this important day dates as far back as 1909, in New York, organised by a socialist party in remembrance of the 1908 strike by the Women’s Workers Union.

Think to yourself. There is a loooooong list of women who have had an effect on how we live today. Mother Teresa, who inspired those around her to love everyone, without discrimination, and to help those in need. Rosa Parks, who refused to comply with the racist regimes of the 1950s. Marie Curie, who essentially single-handedly revolutionised how we look at nuclear energy, and the dangers it represents.

From scientists to writers like J.K. Rowling, or Jaqueline Wilson, these members of society are crucial to the inspirations and breakthroughs of everyone. Think: if J.K. Rowling hadn’t written Harry Potter, there would be millions of children (and adults) who wouldn’t have gone on that journey. She wouldn’t have influenced a generation of writers using the whole ‘boy under the stairs’ story.

There are women everywhere who have had an influence on us in some positive way. Whether it’s your boss who managed to secure her way through determination and hard work, or your partner, who could be your rock in times of need. Your mother who literally carried you until you were born and continued to raise you.

There are, unfortunately, some setbacks to the true equality of women in today’s society. As a male of 19, I am by default at an advantage when it comes to jobs, and even pay. Which needs to stop. Completely. Things like pay inequality and tampon tax are a hindrance.

Women kick ass. There’s no doubt. From trainee doctors and nurses, to engineers, singers, dancers, artists, directors.

Celebrate International Women’s Day. Embrace it.

Who run the world, yo?