Interview Etiquette

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30 September 2014

By Lauren H

If you’re anticipating an upcoming interview, you have now got nothing to worry about. With these few hints and tips you will soon feel confident in yourself and be able to nail the interview.

1.    Dress to impress
2.    Prepare in advance
3.    Have positive body language
4.    Be yourself
5.    Focus on the interview

So, how should you dress? Well, no matter what job you’re applying for, it is important to dress to impress. 55% of first impressions are based on how you look, so they clearly count. This means that you shouldn’t turn up in casual wear, and instead you should look as though you have put effort into your outfit. Try to be quite plain when choosing what to wear – you don’t want the interviewer to be distracted from what you are saying by your outfit.

One of the most important things to do is prepare in advance, so that you don’t slip up at the interview. It is vital that you research the company. You can do this online, by taking a look at their website, or try to find out information from past employees. You should also think about practicing questions and answers with someone at home, or a friend. Make sure that you turn up to the interview on time and take everything you need with you.

You need to look as though you are interested in what the interviewer is saying. So, body language is crucial. Remember to smile, make eye contact and be courteous. Don’t slouch or fidget, as it will make it seem as though you are uncomfortable, making the person interviewing you feel the same. This will not create a good impression.

Always be yourself. You’re obviously going to be nervous, and you may try to present yourself as something you’re not, but don’t change your personality. You need to show off your uniqueness and let it shine through, so that your potential boss can see what you’re like, and whether or not they would want to work with you.

Focus on the interview. Don’t be distracted by other things, and make sure you remember that you are there to impress. Be professional and don’t go off topic – they don’t want to hear about the latest party you went to, or something embarrassing that happened to you last weekend.

After the interview, you could even show your interest by sending a short, polite email to the company or the college, reminding them of how interested you are in the job.
Stick to these tips and you will be fine. Good luck!


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